Why buy Inweld Products?

Established brand Inweld has been in business for over 50 years. Hi-Alloy Maintenance and Repair Division has been in business since 1960 - 58 years!

  • Extensive product line of filler metals and accessories.
  • Knowledgeable people - 300 years combined experience.
  • Attractive packaging at all levels of product.
  • Consistent and competitive pricing of all products.
  • Fast service and delivery time - 3 Shipping points (Houston, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina and Coplay, Pennsylvania)
  • Easy to meet combined prepaid freight.
  • Actual test reports with filler metals at no extra charge.
  • 27 years Aerospace (AMS) and MIL Spec. Filler Metal experience.
  • A small packaging point-of-purchase program with MSDS and display rack.
  • Action plan against fume litigation.
  • Technical support at no extra charge.
  • Outside sales representatives for added support.